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This use is to identify, categorize, and steer Microsoft Teams traffic. July 6, Contributed by: C.


Microsoft teams vdimodeenabled – microsoft teams vdimodeenabled –


If you still do not see html5server. If you see that html5server. Similarly, if you are using a. Otherwise, html5server will not work as expected. Because html5server. This is an internal registry key used by html5Server.

Backing up and restoring the registry key may result in erroneous behavior. If you do not have any user profile management software installed or have excluded the above-mentioned registry key from the list, follow the next action item. Important : For the following step, you need to have administrator privileges on your virtual desktop operating system.

If you see the below highlighted section, then Microsoft Teams optimization has been enabled on your VM. Note : For your convenience, the highlighted text you can search for includes the following settings:. If the above settings are missing from the logs or if the logs display “allow:false” then Microsoft Teams optimization has not been enabled in your environment.

Go through the installation guidance for Horizon Client for Windows or Linux, as described in Client Installation , and ensure that Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams check box has been selected in the Horizon Client Installation wizard. For the Mac platform, ensure that you have the supported version of Horizon Client installed.

If you have the supported versions installed and have selected the right configuration for Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams, contact VMware support. If you see the below highlighted section in the logs, then Microsoft Teams optimization has been correctly enabled for your session. If the above settings are missing from the logs or if the logs display “allow”:”false” then Microsoft Teams optimization has not been enabled in your environment.

Contact VMware for further assistance. If Microsoft Teams on VDI is optimized and you are running into generic issues, or if you find that features are missing, check if you see the same behavior when using the Microsoft Teams web client. If you see the same behavior on the web client, or if you find that a feature is missing, contact Microsoft for further assistance. This section describes how to collect logs from the virtual desktop, the client device, and the Microsoft Teams app.

The improved end-user experience, decreased load on the data center, and decrease in network traffic make Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams a compelling feature.

A thoughtful rollout plan will keep users productive. See the Microsoft Documentation for details about Microsoft Teams installation, performance considerations, and feature limitations. See the VMware Horizon Documentation for details about supported features and limitations. This message will close in seconds.

You are about to be redirected to the central VMware login page. Minimum Supported Horizon Client Versions Horizon supports audio, video, and screen-sharing offload to the local endpoint on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Horizon 7. System Requirements This section briefly lists the system requirements for both the client and the virtual desktop when using the Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams feature. Pairing Modes As described in the overview of this guide, there are significant advantages to running Microsoft Teams in optimized mode.

Fallback mode has the same limitations as optimized mode. Microsoft is continuously adding features. For the latest supported features list, see the Microsoft document Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure. You can also try running Microsoft Teams from within a Chrome browser, which will give you an idea of the available functionality.

If you have full-clone persistent desktops, can you apply the GPO to only those users who will be able to run in optimized mode? If your end users do not fall neatly into a group that can run the supported versions of Horizon Clients on Windows, Linux, or Mac platforms, how many of your users are running older versions or some other unsupported OS?

Can you be sure that your endpoints are running the latest version of Horizon Client for Windows, Linux, or Mac platforms? If you decide that the benefits of optimization are worth having some users running in fallback mode, plan on resourcing your VMs to run either in optimized mode or in fallback mode. See the requirements below. Additional Considerations When deploying this feature, also take the following guidelines into account. Optional Configuration Settings for Issues with Echo In certain low-powered clients, users may want to turn off software acoustic echo cancellation to reduce CPU usage.

Set to 1 — Enable software acoustic echo cancellation irrespective of whether or not acoustic echo cancellation is available in the hardware. Registry key not present default — Software acoustic echo cancellation is enabled only if hardware acoustic cancellation is not available. Troubleshooting To troubleshoot, start by checking whether Microsoft Teams launched in optimized mode and whether the correct local client device names are being picked up.

If the registry key is correctly set, continue to the next action item. Also, the Teams Outlook add-in pointed to the old per-user install and had to be fixed with a registry key update. And finally, on rare occasions, the migration did not work successfully; In the session as an admin, Teams had to be uninstalled and then reinstalled. Pros and cons of per-machine and per-user installments:.

How many end devices are needed is largely dependent on whether optimization will be enabled see section below. If unoptimized, the end-device is less important as most of the computation occurs in the VDI.

H owever , all audio and webcam must still traverse the network to the VDI. This can provide a wide disparity in end-user experience if a standard is not implemented. This increases outbound network load to the internet for your branch sites. Microsoft has worked together with virtual desktop vendors, such as Citrix and VMware, to implement an optimized mode of Teams. This enables H. While significantly improved over , there are still feature limitations in the optimized version of Teams.

It can be tempting to include the Teams app with the rest of the Office installation to gauge end-user interest. However, Teams uses Electron and Optimization, and some of those limitations require a VDI architect to consider unique design decisions compared to the rest of the Office suite.

The fast pace and complexity to implement Teams requires careful planning, design, and proper hardware prior to implementation to prevent data loss and performance degradation. Consider using a managed virtual desktop infrastructure provider to help your team avoid set-up and implementation errors, and keep Teams running smoothly for your entire remote workforce. To learn more, download the complete solution brief: Deploying Microsoft Teams. Have VDI questions? Our Info sessions are always free.

Schedule one for your team:. Capital View Center S. Whitehat Virtual Blog Discover best practices, product information, and IT tips that you can use to help your business. There are three major design decisions for an admin deploying Teams for VDI: 1. Endpoint Device 3. Installing on the system drive prevents this scenario.

Per-machine install prevents auto-updating, which allows proper QA of new Teams releases. Most virtual desktop optimization clients recommend per-machine installs. Per-machine Cons: Teams updates frequently and bug fixes must be implemented often to keep up to date in the golden image. I am trying to get this working with VMware on virtual desktops. If anyone has any experience getting the new meeting experience to show in a VMware environment any help would be greatly appreciated.

This won’t make the setting visible but it’ll make it selected and you’ll have access to the “New Meeting Experience”. Products 68 Special Topics 42 Video Hub Most Active Hubs Microsoft Teams.

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